Houston Pet Owner Resources

Helpful Links for Our Clients

Animal Medical Center of the Village provides these pet resources for information only. We are not affiliated with nor do we specifically recommend these organizations or websites. Always call us with questions.

Local Resources

Pet Adoption & Welfare

  • BARC Animal Shelter & Adoptions – Houston’s one and only animal shelter that accepts every single animal that comes through its doors.
  • Citizens for Animal Protection – Promotes respect and compassion for animals while also providing adoption services, shelter, foster care and more.
  • Houston Area Dog Rescue – Use this resource for adopting a specific dog breed in the Houston, TX area.
  • Houston Humane Society – Adopt a pet, donate, volunteer, report animal cruelty, or request an appointment at their Wellness & Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic.
  • Houston SPCA – Offers volunteering opportunities, wildlife rehabilitation programs, adoptions, community outreach programs and more.

Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation

Pet Health, Behavior & Info Sites