Our Mission

Providing quality veterinary medicine since 1983.

Our veterinary hospital serves pets in Houston, West University Place, Bellaire, Texas, and was founded under the belief that all patients deserved personalized, compassionate, and excellent pet health care. By emphasizing these traits in every part of what we do, Animal Medical Center of the Village continues to serve the Houston, Texas community including West University Place and Bellaire.

Our Care Is Compassionate

At Animal Medical Center of the Village, with each and every patient, our veterinary team puts ourselves in our client's shoes in order to think about the kind of care and treatment we would want for our own precious pets. In everything we do, we centralize acting out of emotional intelligence, and not just veterinary training. Our veterinarians know the importance of acting out of kindness and compassion when considering a client's response to their care. We know what it's like to have our own pet's needs met (and sometimes, unmet) by a veterinarian or their staff and we always want to bring relief and achievable solutions to each appointment. And in the cases where optimal solutions are not possible, our pet hospital provides compassionate care and understanding for both clients and pets to find alternative solutions regardless of the stage of any pet's life.

Every Treatment Is Personalized

Our veterinary approach to pet health is individualized; each pet is unique and therefore shouldn't be treated formulaically. We believe that every pet's appointment should be as unique as the pet themselves. We've had clients who have driven out of their way to continue medical care at our pet clinic instead of others because they know the quality of treatment they can expect from our veterinary staff is always tailored and personalized to them and their pets. We're proud to have so many clients that stay with us for the duration of the lives of their pets, and we know this is because we are able to demonstrate this level of care.

We Strive for Excellence

Our veterinary team knows that medicine is not perfect: each case holds the potential for a myriad of things to go wrong. That's why all of our veterinary staff must go further than being simply competent in their skill level and training - we all strive for excellence. It all starts with the hiring and screening process: we look to hire the best, most qualified candidates to fit in well with the team. From there, our incredibly passionate team works hard to provide the most advanced, pain-free veterinary care possible. We know that veterinary medicine is always growing, so we refuse to grow complacent with any former standards of care: we are always striving to be better, and we hold ourselves to the highest of standards. Dr. Jordan also emphasizes Continuing Education among the team which keeps everyone engaged, informed, and enthusiastic about our work, as we adapt to the most current standards and best practices.