Community Involvement

Animal Medical Center stand at an event

To our pet clinic's veterinarians and staff, community involvement means not only caring for pets but also expanding our boundaries to sponsor events, promote outreach and educate community members.

We're proud to be a part of the West University Place, Bellaire, and Houston, Texas communities and are happy to take any opportunity we can to connect with local families and organizations. Our veterinarians and staff enjoy contributing our time and knowledge towards helping people and their pets and being an advocate for animal welfare.

Our recent/current involvement includes being a sponsor at the West University Halloween Dash & Kid's Fun Run to benefit West University's Parks & Recreation Department. In the past, we have sponsored the Houston Cat Club cat show, at which Dr. Jordan was often a regular fixture at the "Ask the Vet" booth.

Wildlife Rescue and Pet Rehabilitation in Houston, Texas

Our veterinarians and staff love helping you take care of your pets, but we always try to go above and beyond for animals, both domestic and wild. The local wildlife is an important part of our Houston, Texas community, too, and our animal clinic takes every opportunity to give them a helping hand.

One of the organizations we're proud to work with is The Wildlife Center of Texas. If you find a wild animal near your home or in any other place they shouldn't be, The Wildlife Center of Texas is the place to contact. We recommend visiting their website for more information about how to handle wildlife that may or may not be in distress.

It is important to remember that an animal on its own, especially a baby, is not necessarily in danger. Handling a wild animal without first knowing whether it really needs help can be harmful, both for them and for you.

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