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February Is Pet Dental Health Month!

February 08, 2021

Let's talk about oral hygiene.

Do you brush your teeth daily and floss frequently? Are you acutely aware when your breath is not fresh? Do you worry about your oral health and regularly see your dentist for cleaning, x-rays, and thorough oral exams?

Is your pet's health important to you? Of course, it is, and so should your concern about your pet's oral health!

Dogs, cats, ferrets, small mammals, rodents, and herbivores such as rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas can all suffer from oral disease. Oral disease can have a drastic negative effect on overall health. There are numerous studies that link poor oral health with conditions such as kidney and heart disease.

Have you ever had a toothache? Were you miserable? Our pets can have oral pain from disease, decay, and infection just like us, but they can't tell us about it. Usually, they go about their business as best they can and we may never know they have chronic oral pain and infections. It is not uncommon after oral treatment on a diseased pet's mouth for the owner to comment on recheck exam a week later, how frisky and happy their pet has suddenly become. They have been hiding the symptoms of oral disease and you don't know about it until it is resolved.

A common concern about pet dental health maintenance is the general anesthetic required and the cost of the procedure. We treat your pet as we would our own and go to every length to make sure the safest anesthetics are used and the well-being of your pet is first and foremost. We use blended anesthetic regimes and multi-layer monitoring to minimize risks to your pet. There is a licensed technician whose sole purpose is to monitor your pet's vitals throughout each procedure and through complete recovery. State-of-the-art equipment and techniques are employed, including full mouth radiographs with CT imaging to make sure even hidden disease processes below the gum line are addressed and resolved.

Call and ask about your pet's oral health, and what we can do to help, today!